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Christian Education

The goals for Christian Education (The Literacy Campaign) remain the same as last year:

Ø      To become aware of the literacy issues

Ø      To become familiar with some of the literacy services offered particularly in Southeastern Fairfield County

Ø      To become aware of literacy volunteer opportunities in Southeastern Fairfield county

Ø      To become God’s people in Mission


To do this work successfully, Literacy Volunteers is always seeking individuals with some understanding of how to teach, mentor and coach another adult in the most positive way possible.  Literacy is everyone’s business.


Thais Gordon

Christian Education Program Leader



Christian Social Concerns / Special Assistance

Christian Social Concerns/Special Assistance


Christian Social Concerns

There are three main functions of the program.

1. Women in Mission - monies are granted to an individual or group of women doing work for the

benefit of humanity in or out of the Diocese. We did not receive any requests for grants this year.

2. Clergy Daughters - funds are available for even distribution to the daughters of clergy from the

Diocese who will be entering their first year of college. This year we granted five young women

$400 each.


3. Other Concerns - monies are available to assist in-diocese and out-of-diocese institutions

supported by or affiliated with the Episcopal Church. We had no requests for 2009.


Special Assistance

Funds are available to individuals and families on an emergency basis. This year we disbursed

$400 to St. Thomas' Church in Bethel to help them fund rent for a parishioner’s family and $300 to

St. John's Church in Bridgeport to help pay for the purchase of a new freezer for the Church.

They run a community supper program in Bridgeport.

Please contact me should your Church know of a need for funding in any of the

above ways.


Rodney F. Hayes

Christian Social Concerns/Special Assistance Program Leader





United Thank Offering



I really have a fun and easy job as the Diocesan UTO Coordinator. I just have to

keep people aware of all the reasons they have to be thankful.

This was very obvious last November 2009 when the UTO Diocesan Ingathering was held at

Grace Church, Newington. I was sure every thing was taken care of: that all the plans and

people were in place. Then, I landed at the doctor’s office with Plantar Fasciitis and could

not put any pressure on my foot. I emailed my report to Sylvia to present, Sylvia was sick in

bed by Thursday morning and could not attend; so she emailed the report to Joann

Cromwell. Other members of the Board filled in where needed, and Bishop Smith did a

presentation that was enjoyed very much by all in attendance.


Over $3,000.00 was given in thanksgiving that day for blessings received.

The Rev. Jane White-Hassler, Rector of Grace Church, Newington, was really a life

saver that day, making sure the day went well. The luncheon put on by the women of the

parish was enjoyed by all. I have been asked by two parishes to visit and

present a program on UTO. I am looking forward to being with them.

We sent a total of $22,700.00 to the Domestic & Foreign Missionary Society for 2009.

I am truly blessed to be able to be a part of the Diocesan ECW board.


Betty Silva

UTO Program Leader




White Envelope

The White Envelope Program Committee is thankful to each and everyone for their continued

support to this unique program.


We received nine grant applications for 2010. The committee chose three grant recipients for 2010,

two in-diocese, and one out-of-diocese.


“Rhythms of Grace” is one of the two 2010 in-diocese recipients. Their mission is to provide a

worship experience for children with special needs and their families that are welcoming, inclusive,

nurturing, and therapeutic. The people they serve are of the Autism Spectrum along with others with

developmental disabilities, neurological disorders, physical handicaps, behavioral problems and

Down’s syndrome. The children range in age from 1-21 years. The grant will be used for the

development of a PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), a program that focuses on bible

stories and faith-related vocabulary and also purchases non-consumable therapeutic materials for their

sites. They gather three times a month in three different locations around the diocese: Trinity,

Torrington, Our Savior in Plainville and St. John’s, East Hartford. St John’s serves as their host site.

“Rhythms of Grace” is a place where families can worship together without worrying that their

children’s behavior is unacceptable.


The second in-diocese recipient is Pauline’s Stock Pot Soup Kitchen, East Windsor. They are a

donation-funded organization that has been in existence since 1991. They serve the people who are on

fixed income, low income or no income, an average of 85 people served each Friday. The grant will

be used to provide food and to maintain their present level of service. Their staff is all volunteers.

The out-of-diocese recipient is Christ Church Cathedral Choir School in the Diocese of Louisiana.

Their mission is aimed primarily at disadvantaged and at-risk youth in the Central City area of New

Orleans. The school program will reflect the diversity of the city and is open to 3rd -12th grade girls

and boys, at no expense to them. The grant will be used for computers and software for after-school

tutoring, as well as the transportation cost to bring students to the facility.


Our grants are given for programs and services only, not for salaries.


Please contact me, should you have additional questions and/or be in need of envelopes or grant

application forms. I am also available to speak at your meetings.


Please send your checks to: Mrs. Scarlett M Pipkin, P.O. Box 5036, Bridgeport, CT 06610-0036.

Carol Gardier - White Envelope Program Leader


“When we live most deeply

in our own hearts, we also

live in the very heart of


Jean M. Blomquist



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